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This is a store page of all the available books by A.L. Hawke. Click on the cover for a list of retailers or the buttons for their direct stores. There’s more information about A.L. Hawke and each individual book in the directory above. Feel free to snoop around. 😉

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New Release:

New Release:

Angel & Time Travel Romance



Medusa & Arachne

on vacay in Italy

Don’t look at me.

Just Don’t.

CORA. Click here for retailers.

They just keep

dying on her


Phantom Masquerade. Click here for retailers.

Toni and a ghost vie for Mina’s love, but Mina thinks her ghost is just an illusion. Or is her ghost a phantom of the opera?

Alondra. Click here for retailers.

I fell in love with a goth,

but she’s a witch.

Broomstick. Click here for retailers.

Do you believe in ghosts? How ‘bout witches? I wrote it all down here in Broomstick.

Windstorm. Click here for retailers.

Believe in witches. Sometimes you need magic to ward of the evil lurking in the darkness. Book II of the witch series.

The Hawthorne Witch. Click here for retailers.

Sometimes I’d rather shield my eyes than see darkness in light. Book III of the witch series.

The Hawthorne University Witch series. Click here for retailers.


  1. Broomstick
  2. Windstorm
  3. The Hawthorne Witch


Cora: Rise of the Fallen Goddess. Click here for retailers.

The fall and rise of Persephone

An ancient Greek mythical fantasy


Azure Blue. Click here for retailers.

BOOK II in the

Azure series

Coral Red. Click here for retailers.

BOOK III in the

Azure series

The Azure Series Collection:

  1. Rise of the Fallen Goddess
  2. Azure Blue
  3. Coral red


Candy Savant. Click here for retailers.

In an all-female society, Candice is recruited to create a human being from scratch. Is she ready for the consequences?

Mother Savant. Click here for retailers.

It is now 2244 and the all-female society of Arkite is on the brink of revolution. Sequel to Candy Savant.

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