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Samhain Witch is a Short Story from The Hawthorne University Witch Series.

I absolutely adore Halloween. I love the vibrant fall colors and the fun and revelry. And Samhain (Sa-win) is a major holiday for witches because it represents our new year. It’s the time when the spirit world meets the living.

So I wanted to throw a Halloween party for my students at Hawthorne University. Since the Billington frat house wasn’t available, I planned a party at my place. But as Maddie sat smiling in our circle, planning pumpkin carvings and costume contests, a visitor from my teacher’s past appeared, in tears, beside our bonfire. She said she had been terrorized by a haunted house, and she was looking for the Hawthorne Witch.

And as I discovered more about her haunting, I found that, this time, I was up against more than witches competing for my power or blaspheming with left-sided magic. This was a primal evil. I had met the Samhain Witch.

Cadence Hawthorne returns in this stand-alone short story, which takes place after The Hawthorne Witch (Book III). It first appeared exclusively as a free ebook for subscribers to the author’s monthly newsletter and on A.L. Hawke’s website.

Content Warning: Samhain Witch contains profanity, sex, adult situations and, of course, witchcraft.


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Alexa Elmy returns in an upcoming audiobook to this Halloween short story! Coming soon.

Here is the chronological order of books from the series. Samhain Witch is a standalone book (you don’t have to have read the series to enjoy it):

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Beltane Fire cover. Free ebook for newsletter subscription.
Broomstick cover with available book retailers.
Book I
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Book II
The Hawthorne University Witch novel with available boo retailers.
Book III

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