Cora in Urban Fantasy

Persephone in the 21st Century

An urban fantasy romance by A.L. Hawke

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Cora has it all, but she doesn’t have a man. They keep dying on her.

She is the immortal Greek goddess Persephone, drinking and reveling in a Malibu beach house in the twenty-first century. But no matter her wild antics or psychotherapy, nothing can ease the pain over her latest husband’s murder. Except perhaps the prudish but handsome Mr. Gabriel Cartwright.

Gabe is a young East Coast realtor who’s hired to transfer her things to her new home in Toronto. Cora likes him. He has such a kind and sweet heart. But her lover holds secrets. He is a member of a nymph race that Imada, an ancient order of gods, has been hunting to extinction; a race Persephone has fought millennia to protect. That’s why she hired him. She wants to be close to him. She wants to care for him. Only Imada cares for Gabriel too—they want him dead.

Cora will protect her man or tear Imada apart trying.


“Meet Cora Aregard. She’s beautiful, sexy, rich. Very beautiful. Very sexy. Very, very rich. She has an unquenchable thirst for the good things of life – alcohol, drugs, food, men – and an unerring ability to get them. Oh, and she’s immortal too.”

“You’ve probably got some sort of image of an immortal goddess in your mind. Take it and throw it away. What AL Hawke has created is something new. There is nothing godly about this goddess. Cora is a larger-than-life character who loves sex and indulges in it constantly in as many permutations possible. She is a woman of limitless wants, and what she wants she gets.” review

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A word about Cora

If you’ve been browsing, you might have noticed that A.L. Hawke has a special affinity for Cora. Cora is the goddess Persephone. And, yes, she’s the same Cora featured in the epic fantasy Azure Series. All the books are connected and all are part of the same universe. While the epic fantasy Azure Series takes place in Ancient Greece and Egypt, the urban fantasy takes place in a contemporary setting four thousand years later in the 21st century.

Content Rating: Mature
Although the books are connected, please note that the contemporary urban fantasy CORA belongs in a higher age-content category. It features a goddess who enjoys bad language, alcohol use, drug use, sex scenes and sexual situations.

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