Nectar of Ambrosia (Furies)


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Medusa tries her hand at wedding planner as the gods tear apart her city. 

My boyfriend’s sister, Sandra, is getting married and she’s asked for my help. Well, I’ve seen plenty of weddings over the centuries, so I’ve got some cool ideas. Only thing is, Sandra and I don’t get along. 

But that’s hardly the worst of it. Apparently there’s this dwarf with blue skin roaming around Sunland University looking for me so that he can give me Pandora’s Jar. Pandora’s Jar contains the last drops of nectar, an elixir that can magically turn any mortal immortal. And if you’ve ever met Persephone’s infernal family, they’ve lived for thousands of years and become a pretty lonely bunch. Because they’re awful people.

Well, I don’t want to have anything to do with protecting their jar. I’d rather plan Sandra’s wedding. Unless they threaten my home. If they do that, Medusa’s gonna tear them into little pieces.

Medusa’s back home in Florida in this urban fantasy novella. But there’s a storm brewing. Although Nectar of Ambrosia is chronologically Book III in the Furies series, this book is a stand-alone that was written to be enjoyed without having read the first novel, My Evil Eye.

Content warning: Expect sexual scenes, profanity, violence, and adult situations.

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